Little Steps
 Dance class for pre-schoolers (ages 3 - 5 yrs) who will be attending school in 2021  or 2022
To provide the best experience for each child , most little dancers will need to wait patiently until they are 3 to join the classes. Of course little ones are unpredictable and could easily be ready to dance a bit earlier.
Why not book your child in for a Little Steps Starter

Little Steps Classes offer:

* Fun
* Friendship
* Awareness of good posture
* Balance
* Co-ordination
* Rhythm
* Musicality
* Creativity
* Imagination

These classes while classically based are an introduction to dance for pre-schoolers with the emphasis being on fun.
 Imaginations are captured and friendships are formed.

Parents can watch through the studio windows, children are being taught a little independence and to be able to follow simple commands.

All students perform (if they wish - most do) in our end of year recital of dance.

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