Discover Dance With Us

Every child is special – each with their own qualities and talents. Once your child is introduced to the magical world of dance, then the possibilities are endless.

Seeing the excitement and joy on the face of each student keeps our teachers energised, passionate and focused on providing the best experience for your child.

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Erica Sykes

Director, RAD RTS

Falling in love with Ballet at age 11, Erica began her training with Aina Reega, a former Borovansky ballerina. Over the next decade Erica had the privilege of studying with many inspiring mentors, leading her on the path to become a qualified teacher of the Royal Academy of Dance.

With over 30 years experience as Director of Red Shoes Dance, Erica's unwavering passion for teaching has ensured that she has remained dedicated to providing a caring and nurturing environment in which to give the best possible guidance to all her students.



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Ella Pettigrew

Originally joining as a 3 year old, Ella has over 18 years of experience as part of the Red Shoes Dance community. Travelling to New York and Los Angeles in 2015, Ella performed at Disneyland and was very privileged to work alongside the cast of ‘Wicked’ and ‘Aladdin’.
Concentrating on Dance Composition for her HSC, Ella’s major work featured in CASPA’s HSC showcase where the piece received nominations for BOSTES Call Back showcase.
Ella’s love and commitment to dance has led her back to Red Shoes where she is very excited to start a new chapter as a teacher.

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Little Steps Class Assistants

Growing up as part of the Red Shoes Dance family, our dedicated students provide invaluable help assisting with the studio's Little Steps Classes.